Paula, Credit Manager
Broadview Heights, Ohio USA
David Hebble, Photographer
San Diego, CA USA
Aras Baskauskas, Yoga Instructor
Venice, CA USA
Cameron Anaya, Harvard Student Cambridge, MA USA
Don Houston
Filmmaker, USA
Elsa Henry, Auditor
Denver, CO USA
Britt Collins, Occupational Therapist
Portland, Oregon USA
Zack, Producer
Los Angeles, CA USA
Jim, Red Bull Distributor
Cleveland, Ohio USA
Bev, Doscent
Dyanna, Loan Specialist
San Francisco USA
Elsa, Doscent
Fareed, Web Designer
Tucson, Arizona USA

Karen, Grandmama
Maui, Hawaii USA

Lee, Editor
Los Angeles, CA USA
Rob, Musician
Malibu CA, USA
Debbie, Designer
San Diego, CA USA
Bryce, Director
Los Angeles, CA USA
“Love Your Book!”
Marie, Student
Wadsworth, Ohio USA
Sherry, Accountant
West Hollywood, CA USA
Laurie, Nurse Administrator
Linden, Ohio USA
Jackie, Producer
Southern California, USA
Gary, ER Doctor
Akron, Ohio USA
Joe, Correctional Officer
Oakland, CA USA
Chewie, Stunt Dog
Hollywood, USA

Chiquita, Stunt Dog
Hollywood, USA

Dave, Sound Mixer
Los Angeles, USA
Jane, Reader
Kevin, Colorist
Los Angeles, USA
Starlotte, Producer
Hollywood, USA
Toby, Stuntman
Hollywood, USA
The Happy Puppy Reader
Boston, Massachusetts USA
Agnes, Occupational Therapist
Glide, Oregon USA
Judson, Ghost Hunter
Hollywood, CA USA
Pat, Acupuncturist
Dayton, Ohio USA
“Loved Your Book! Very Exciting!”
Teressa, School Teacher
Akron, Ohio USA
Odin, Future Blood Moon Reader!
Southern California USA
Marie, Homemaker/Teacher
Barberton, Ohio
Phil, Accountant
Chicago, Illinois USA
Rich, Happily Retired
New Jersey USA
Daniel, Small Business Owner
Massachusetts USA
Michelle, Fitness Trainer
Southern California USA
Mystery Woman Mystery Woman
Cameron Anaya
Harvard Student
Cambridge, MA USA
Don Houston, Filmmaker
Elsa Henry, Auditor
Denver, Colorado USA
Mystery Man Regan Rudik

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